Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well, Looks Like The Drama is Still Goin' Strong!

As you may know, Hubby has some issues with his ex-wife. We think he gets them resolved and Bamm, a whole new crop of them pop up. His oldest daughter doesn't help matters to much. She is totally playing both parents against each other.

What's a Dad to do? Does he forfeit the precious little time he has with his children, because of scheduling difficulties? We have done this in the past, but when he wants to make up his time, that causes a problem too. We actually have a court date coming up on this very matter. I just wish it could all be settled in a grown up manner!

We found out tonight that Niko has a baseball game schedule at 5pm. on Saturday. Hubby has been pretty accommodating with the ball season, but we already had something planned for the kids to do while they are at our house this coming weekend. (That's another gripe bio-mom has, she says the kids are bored at our house.) So we have planned somethings for this weekend.

Hubs called and left bio-mom a message (she had middle daughter call and play message girl)! So who knows how this weekend is going to end up! All this drama is killin' me. I do know, that I think I'm developing an ulcer with all this.

Well, so sorry to bring ya'll into our private drama! I just had to vent for a little bit.

I know that the Lord isn't gonna give me anything that, with Him, I can't handle! I know that I'm in this family for a reason! I just get so tired of it all sometimes.

Thanks for listening!
In Christ Love,


Valerie said...

I know I am not suppose to but I can't stand my hubs' ex. They were married maybe 14 months. Only lived together for 9 of those months. He was 18. No kids. But every chance she can she will make an appearance and always telling him she wants him back. (they were divorced 20 years before I even met him)I just can't stand it. I just thank God they didn't have any children.

Hang in there. Eventually (hopefully) she will realize that what she is doing is really only hurting the kids.

About my sidebars. It was trial and error. lol I actually designed my whole blog. The awards I could never figure out how to clump together and still have the link to the person that gave me the award and pictures I couldn't clump together either. But for every thing else I would clump together. Like all the links to my favorite places, all the links to those darling babies that need prayer. I would put them all in the same html and then just play with the spacing, saving it, then looking at my blog and then doing it again. Hope I explained that right. lol

I will be getting a new blog design either this week or next. I want it to be illustrated. lol Have a great evening!

Alicia said...

Hi Renee,
I have a friend who's ex husband gives her a hard time. She said he will literally call the police if she's a couple of minutes late. I think that is the only thing left that he feels he has any control over. It's sad when someone just can't get over the past and move on.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

My heart goes out to you and especially the children. For his ex to even say that they're 'bored' by you is awful. It seems that you are being so good in this situation, trying so hard for the kids! I pray something happens to change the situation and all can be happy. I would hate to be in a situation like this!! Hoping and praying it all works out for you!

Denise said...

Sorry sweetie, hang in there, God will not let you drop.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your troubles. I all to well understand though. My ex is nutz. Although right now I thank God that he has not contacted the kids in two years! But for me it's a blessing because it has allowed Mark to step in and really take hold of being a father to them soon. :) But whenever I thought something was over with the ex something else would come up. But pray and I will pray for you guys too. :)

Michelle said...

So sorry sister, I have no help in the world on this situation but prayer....try not to make yourself sick over it all. God is always in control. big hugs!!

wearsinappropriateshoes said...

My mom and stepdad had the same issues with my stepdad's ex-wife over his son. It took a lot of court dates for things to get straightened out. I'm always so grateful my parents' divorce was simple. I hope things work themselves out quickly and satisfactorily for you and your husband.

Best of luck! Stay strong!

Beth in NC said...

I'm sorry. I pray that peace will reign in this relationship. I can't imagine dealing with an ex or step kids. God bless you and give you strength, wisdom, and most of all -- peace.


Terri T said...

I'm so sorry that you are going through this, it definitely does not sound like fun. Praying for you and your family.