Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sometimes God Just Hits Ya Over the Head!!!

I love people, I love to get to know people and I love to be social. But for some stupid reason, I have this horrible fear of making new friends outside my comfort zone. (Which is Mississippi) I don't know why, it's dumb I know.

Well, my sweet little puppy has gotten me out in the neighborhood. So I am meeting people.

I have a wonderful home (and I am very thankful to God for it) and I would so like to invite neighbors and friends over. I just have this crazy fear. So, I have been doing this Bible study on Judges and Ruth, by Elizabeth George. Wow, today was about faithfulness and certainity, and when we aren't faithful, we fail. If we take our eyes off God!

A few weeks ago I ordered the promotional stuff to do "Operation Christmas Child" in my neighborhood. Everyday I look at that box of stuff. I gotta JUST DO IT! Get out and let everyone know about this thing I want to do.

Then, low and behold, today I found this video, about stepping out of the boat. Hello!!! Ok, God I hear ya!! I am stepping out.

Here's a little about the group in the video. I first heard them in college. "Aceppella" They are pretty great. I haven't thought about them in a while though.

Have a good day and enjoy the video.Acappella - Video by Acappella - MySpace Video

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nothing Is To Trivial For God!!

A few weeks ago, I was with Hubby and the kids and we had to stop by the bank. The kids, of course, didn't want to go into the bank, and they asked if they could go look in the pet store, that was next door. I (what was I thinking?) said sure. Well, now we have this cute little fellow.
But always there is a life lesson to be learned right? As well as a spiritual one! The puppy they wanted was a cute little Pomeranian. She was probably eight weeks old. She was quite adorable, but so little. I told the kids, let's all go home and pray about this little dog. "But she'll be gone when we come back!" I told them, that "if it's God's will for us to have that puppy, she would still be there." Well, that evening they had to go back to their Mom's, but we all agreed to pray about the dog.

The next afternoon, Hubby and I stopped back at the pet store. The puppy wasn't there. But, guess what, another precious little one was. He was so ugly, he was cute. I asked about him, how much etc. He was only $88.00. Wow, the other one was $400.00. I wanted to know how come he was so cheap. He's been here for 70 days. I asked to see his papers and everything. (I used to work at a vet clinic) I saw he had all his puppy shots, plus a micro-chip (encase he gets lost) I knew we had a bargain. The shots alone would have cost me $300.00. He also gets a neutered for free. Wow!

Since the kids were not with us, we took his picture and sent it to them on the phone. We all agreed. This little guy was the one for us.

They all had their hearts set on the other puppy, but how much better is the one we received. God knows what is best for us. We just have to seek Him & listen for His gentle guidance. I try to teach the children that God wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives. Nothing is to trivial for Him. Not even a puppy.

Also, this little pup was a breeze to house train. He's a Schnoodle, and his name is "Handsome", but we call him "Handy" for short. The cats are not too sure about all this, but they are adjusting. Lol!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Will Rise - Chris Tomlin Worship Video w/lyrics

I haven't blogged in quite a few weeks, due to being sick with Asthma again and also being busy with the kids, family and my Hubby's business.

Recently my Hubby had a major problem with his main client and we both had to go into a meeting, to try to smooth things over and make the client calm down. We met with the president of the company and during the discussions, he paused and asked hubby and me, how can we remain so calm in the midst of what he sees as a major crisis?

We were a little taken back with his question. I didn't even realize that it was noticeable. We did have a peace about this entire issue. Me more than Hubby, but still we had peace. We touched on the why's and how's of our peace. But, as this gentlemen is an unbeliever, it was difficult to translate, especially in the conference room setting we were in. I hope we planted a few seeds and will be able to cultivate them further in the future.

I am so amazed that he saw a peacefullness in us. Sometimes I do not feel that I have peace, but I guess compared to someone who doesn't know Jesus as their Saviour, I have immeasureable Peace. After all, "it is well" and we "will rise" above all this earthly trouble, to receive a much greater prize. How awesome is that?

Sunday afternoon, I saw Chris Tomlin sing this song on TBN and I thought" that's it. That's how we get through." We know that there is a much higher goal than what we deal with on earth and not matter what, Jesus is on our side.