Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Will Rise - Chris Tomlin Worship Video w/lyrics

I haven't blogged in quite a few weeks, due to being sick with Asthma again and also being busy with the kids, family and my Hubby's business.

Recently my Hubby had a major problem with his main client and we both had to go into a meeting, to try to smooth things over and make the client calm down. We met with the president of the company and during the discussions, he paused and asked hubby and me, how can we remain so calm in the midst of what he sees as a major crisis?

We were a little taken back with his question. I didn't even realize that it was noticeable. We did have a peace about this entire issue. Me more than Hubby, but still we had peace. We touched on the why's and how's of our peace. But, as this gentlemen is an unbeliever, it was difficult to translate, especially in the conference room setting we were in. I hope we planted a few seeds and will be able to cultivate them further in the future.

I am so amazed that he saw a peacefullness in us. Sometimes I do not feel that I have peace, but I guess compared to someone who doesn't know Jesus as their Saviour, I have immeasureable Peace. After all, "it is well" and we "will rise" above all this earthly trouble, to receive a much greater prize. How awesome is that?

Sunday afternoon, I saw Chris Tomlin sing this song on TBN and I thought" that's it. That's how we get through." We know that there is a much higher goal than what we deal with on earth and not matter what, Jesus is on our side.


Susan Crabtree said...

I could used a little innner peace today-how wonderful to have it! happy wednesday from sits!

Missy said...

That is one of my most favorite songs. =)

Stopping by from SITS.

Sarah Dawn said...

Rejoicing in your peace my friend, rejoicing.

Hugs for your day,
Sarah Dawn

Abby♥ said...

I really like this song!:)

Abby♥ said...

I really like this song!:)