Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trust in the Lord.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path". Proverbs 3:5-6

That is what I am doing regrading our children and our blended family. Trust and obey, for there is no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

Our new prayer activity that we are doing with the Children is still going well. They are really liking it. I ask that everyone still continue to pray for us as we try to bind our families together in God's love. There are 2 households, that love the same 3 children. But there is some forgiveness that needs to happen between a few of the parties involved. God can do it. We just all need to have a heart that is open to His prompting.

Tomorrow, we all have a meeting at Niko's school regrading his IEP plan. I hope that all goes well.

You guys are great. Thanks so much for all the prayers that have already been lifted up! We did all attend church together this past Sunday, both sets of parents and all the children. It was one of those things that just sort of happened. But I know that God was totally in control of that situation. Praise Jesus.

As I mentioned yesterday, my sister Joann, has been feeling under the weather. They moved about 2 weeks ago from South Mississippi, and well can I say CLIMATE CHANGE!! She has asthma and she went to the doctor yesterday and they admitted her into the hospital. She tells me she's fine. I haven't been able to go visit her, she is about 1 hour away from where I live. She told me that tomorrow they will be doing asthma education with her, since the climate is do different.

My Mama, is home with with my 2 nieces. They started their first day at their new school yesterday. They are liking it and already have made some friends. How wonderful is that?

Have a great evening, Renee

Monday, March 30, 2009

God is Calling Out to Us! Will You Listen to His Voice?

Today I want to take a few quite moments and Praise Jesus! He loves us so. He truly cares about all our needs. How wonderful to have a Savior such as He.

God calls out to us all our life.
The chirping of the birds,
The whisper of the wind,
The hush in a snow filled night.
The beauty of nature,
The vibrant colors of Spring & Fall,
The warm sunshine in summer,
And the frosty air of winter.
Every Change of a season is God’s voice.
The kiss of the breeze on our cheeks,
The glory of a star filled sky,
The sounds of a water fall,
Rain drops falling off a leaf after a cool rain.
The smell of fresh cut grass.
The rumble and fury of a summer thunder storm,
The gentle pelting sound of a spring rain shower,
Every day, every hour, every month, every year.
He’s calling out to us!
Please listen and hear His voice today.
(by Renee E.)

This poem was inspired by my pastor James MacDonald's sermon this weekend. Thanks to all you of that have been praying for our family. Please continue to do so. The Holy Spirit is working in ways I could never have imagined. I will do a longer post on this later. My heart is so full of God's love for me. I want to Shout it from the roof tops. "Hey, do you have Jesus in your heart?" I rest in His glory, the everlasting arms of a Father that loves me as no other on this earth. How magnificent is that?

My Sister's feeling a little under the weather. Please pray for her too. Take care and have a great week.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Please Pray for Our Family!!!

I am coming to ya'll this afternoon, asking that you please pray for our family. Especially for our 3 children. Hubby's birth children and my step-children. They are so hurting from their parents divorce. They say that they are over it, but they're not. The parents were separated 8 years ago and the children lived with Dad. Then we were all back in court and residential custody changed. It's so much more complicated than I make it seem. Anyway, Dad and bio Mom have joint custody and the kids struggle with both parents. I have prayed and ask the Holy Spirit to please open the hearts of all adults involved. As well as the children's they are my most important concern.

I wish we could all be like Reba. With Barbara Jean and Brock and everyone getting along. I try very hard, but I am basically struggling to find God's will in all of this. I know He's in control. I just hate seeing everyone I love hurting. That includes Bio Mom and her Hubby. God will ultimately prevail.

Fort Thompson: Gavin Needs You!

Fort Thompson: Gavin Needs You!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Small Talk 6 Saturdays!!!

Small Talk Six Saturdays is a weekly Meme created by MomDot to engage conversations during the “slower” Blog Saturdays.Every week, those participating respond to a different topic. The response is done in 6; either 6 words, 6 paragraphs, photos etc…

This weeks small talk 6 topic is......6 things you would like to do naked if you lived alone.

Wow this is an interesting subject, hmmmm........

#1. Vacuum==that would be interesting wouldn't it.

#2. Watch TV==I actually don't think I could do this one! lol!!

#3. Cook==But I would have to be careful and not cook any bacon. Might popped. Ouch!

#4. Shower==Ooopps, I should already be doing that right? :)

#5. Washing Dishes==That wouldn't be so bad to do.

#6. Play video games==Go figure. I don't even play them when I have clothes on.

Thanks for all your prayers for a safe trip back from Kentucky. Hubby and I had great quality time in the car. We always seem to have the most interesting conversations, when we are traveling in the car.

I have a question. Anyone with step-children ever have problems with them wanting to be at one house or the other due to an activity? I totally understand why God hates divorce. It splits all members, of the original family, apart and putting them all back together, Dad, Mom, and kids is only going to happen with the help of our Heavenly father, and probably lots of Christian counseling. The poor kids feel like they are torn between their parents. It would probably be easier on the children if there was proper communication between the two grown adults. I am praying for that.

It's a situation that I personally can't relate to. My parents were married for 43 years and they had a wonderful marriage, my sister and I never worried about divorce and even though they didn't have a perfect marriage, they did have Jesus at the center. I'm sure that is the glue that kept everything together.

Oh well, please let me know if you have any advice. Have a good weekend everyone.

Love ya, Renee

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, These Wheels are Rollings:)

Today we are heading home. I am actually sitting out in the car waiting on Hubby. He takes forever to get ready. I always am ready before him. We will be heading back to Chicago, and it's supposed to be cold there this weekend. (How wonderful) That's sarcasm there! LOL. I am sick of the cold. Ready for some warm SUNSHINE.

We have the kids again this weekend, and it's also my oldest niece Kaydee's birthday. So we will all be doing something for her birthday. Not sure what exactly. Hubby and the Ex are having a disagreement over the kids visit, so who knows. It never seems to end.

Please pray for us to have a safe trip. Later, Renee

Thursday, March 26, 2009

This is Interesting>>>A Writer's Workshop!!

While surfing a few blogs today, I found an interesting writer's workshop. It was on Mama's Losin it. She gives different prompts and you pick one to write about. The one I am choosing to write about is....

1.) Somebody I'm praying for---As you all know, I am praying for little Stellan. But also, I think I mentioned in an earlier post about our new prayer activity that we started with the children. I haven't updated you on how that is going. The kids when they first arrived at our house Friday night, asked "Have you been praying for you person Renee?" "Of course I have" I answered. I was to pray for a friend of Niko's who had hit his head. He is doing well, and Niko was very happy that I remembered and lifted his friend up in prayer. This week I also am praying for Niko. He ask that I pray that he gets better grades. He struggles in school, but the school is working with him. He is very smart, they just have to tap into the way he learns.

I got to thinking while reading a blog earlier, the blogger asked the question, "Why do we pray, when God already knows the outcome for whatever our need is?" Very thought provoking question. I pray because I want to develop a close personal, and intimate relationship with Jesus. He wants to hear about everything in my life. He wants me to go to Him for all my concerns. I think that through prayer, I discover what God's will is and the desires of my heart will change to be in accordance to His will.

My Sweet Daddy, passed away from cancer 2 years ago. I prayed for His healing, along with our entire family and community. He was healed in a way that I didn't necessarily want, but is so much better than what I could ever have hoped. He is walking those streets of gold right now, and I wouldn't want him back here in the pain filled world for anything. It makes me sad that God now has my Daddy, but also soooo happy. I guess that's hard to explain or even understand.

Well, I will be going for now. Have a terrific night. Please pray for Hubby and me as we drive back home to Chicago tomorrow.

Goodnight my friends, Renee

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prayer Vigil for Stellan!

I would like to invite each of you to take a moment and pray for Stellan. Also pray for his Mama and Dad, MckMama and Prince Charming. Little Stellan is in the PICU with SVT. You can click on his name to go to his site. Tonight and tomorrow a prayer vigil is being held throughout blog world and please lift them up in prayer to The Holy One, The Wonderful Physician, The Mighty Healer. Thanks so much.

In Christ, Renee

We Are Spending a Few Days in Kentucky!!

Spring is alive and well in Lexington, Ky. We left early Monday morning and arrived in Lexington around 12 noon. I can't believe all the blooms and pollen here. And green grass. When we left our house, there was still brown grass and mud. We probably see spring for a few more weeks. But oh it's so nice to see it for a little while here in Kentucky.

We will be here for a few days. Hubby has some meeting for his work, then we will be heading home to spend time with the kiddies on the weekend.

I have had a couple of people ask me about our cats, Elvis and Lizzie. I am planning to do a post about them soon. I need to take pics of them too. I have just one picture of Elvis, saved in the computer. So I will post it. It's from Christmas.

I am getting ready to go out to eat with Hubby. He says he has a surprise for me! Also, please pray for Stellan, you can click on the button on the right to read his story. Please pray for his Mom & Dad as well. Have a great night!!

Later, Renee

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Ultimate Blog Party!!

Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope you will join in the fun this week at “The Ultimate Blog Party” (see link on right side bar). You can get all the details at “5 minutes for Mom

My name is Renee and I married to my wonderful hubby Phillip. I have 3 adorable (most of the time) step-children, Amber 13, Jacky 12, and Niko 10. We share joint custody of them with their Mom and step-dad. They have lived with us in the past, (for 3 years in fact) but now live with Mom. Live is never boring. Niko has ADHD and is on the Autism spectrum with PDD NOS. He is very high functioning.

I am a Southern girl, that has been transplanted to the North. We lived in Connecticut for 3 1/2 years and have live in Chicagoland for 1 year. We have been married for 4 1/2 wonderful years, and I have done some tremendous growing in my walk with Christ, during this time. I went from a super close knit community and family life, to New England of all places and was an instant mom. Talk about being out of your comfort zone. I learned to truly rely on God. Life in Connecticut was extremely hard for me, I find I fit much better in the mid-west.

Our life has taken many unexpected roads, but we have always tried to be faithful and follow God's will. Now that we live in Naperville, we have found a terrific church and we are getting involved in our community. My family has now moved up here from Mississippi, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. To get to see them on a regular basis is mind boggling.

We have 2 Maine coon cats that entertain us daily. Elvis and Lizzie. I invite you to follow along with me on my journey as I continue to follow God's will for my life and search for ways to reach out to our community. We are currently looking into an organization called safe families. Please feel free to visit their site. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I love prizes. Maybe I will win something. Blog on Party girls!!

Whatta Weekend!!

Friday night, my family arrived in Chicagoland. I am thrilled beyond belief. We had a house full. Our kids were here, my Mama, sister and her hubby and their 2 girls. Oh and us, me and my hubby. Plus 2 cats, Elvis and Lizzie, and 1 little poodle, Ivory. But I was loving it.

On Saturday, I kept all the kids, and my Mama and everyone else went to their new home. It's not exactly new. It's a wonderful old farm house, that was built in 1914. It's 3 stories, that includes the basement. My family has never lived in a house that was more than 1 story. That will be an adjustment for them. They have lots of land, and barns and corn fields. They are only 37 miles from me.

I told my Mama on Sunday that I was so glad that they were finally here. As you may remember, my Daddy passed away 2 years ago and It hasn't been easy for my Mom. I didn't realize how bad it was until my hubby and I went on a little trip to Pensacola, for his work and we took her with us. That was this past fall. She was supposed to stay with us for one whole week, then go back home to Mississippi. But when it was time for her to leave, she didn't want to go. She said that she didn't want to be back at her house, without my Daddy there. I never realized how hard that must be for her, to be in that house that together they made a home. I had been so wrapped up in my grief that I couldn't see hers.

My Daddy was home on hospice and he passed away in their bedroom. She has still been staying in the same room. I finally suggested that maybe, she might consider moving up by me. I never thought she would. But she surprised me! Also, since my sisters hubby Brad is here in Chicago working with my hubby, they decided to come along as well. They will all be living in that wonderful old farmhouse together. Now I can help out however I am needed and I have great piece of mind that all of them are only a short trip away. What a blessing that is.

When they get all settled in, I will post a few pics of the new place. Please pray for them as they now have to find a church. And my nieces start their new school on next Monday. I ask that you pray that they will make great friends and fit right in.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Please keep checking in. I will be having a contest coming soon. More info on that later.

Also, please pray for my blog friend Lolli. She recently posted about a young boy in her sons school who took his on life. Please pray for all involved in that tragedy. Please realize my friends, that nothing is so bad that with Jesus help you can't get through it. He will always see you through. Suicide is not the answer. The ones left behind, will suffer for quite sometime, because of a senseless choice. Go to Jesus with your troubles. If you need a human to talk to as well, I am here! Email me and we can connect and pray together.

In Him, Renee

Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's Here! Small Talk Six Saturdays!!

Small Talk Six Saturdays is a weekly Meme created by MomDot to engage conversations during the “slower” Blog Saturdays.Every week, those participating respond to a different topic. The response is done in 6; either 6 words, 6 paragraphs, photos etc…

This weeks Small Talk 6 Topic is... 6 things you love or hate about spring.

I can't think of anything that I hate about spring.

#1. Easter--Christ died on the cross for Me and then 3 days later arose from the dead. How awesome is that? All for Me & You too!!

#2. Flowers--After a long blah winter with brown grass and mud and snow. I love seeing the first flowers peeking out at the world.

#3. Birds--The sounds of the birds tweeting in the sunshine. Amazing, music to my soul.

#4. Longer Days--I love that the time changes and we have so much more daylight.

#5. Sunshine-- Abundant sunshine. Love it, can't get enough of it. Love it, Love it, Love it......

#6. Love--I met my sweet hubby in the spring and I love romance in spring time.

I could go on, and on, because there is so much more that I love about this wonderful season of rebirth. New calves, new fouls, baby deer, baby chicks. Spring to me says that life is so full of possibilities. How marvelous, how wonderful!!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and it's the first weekend of spring! :) Renee

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ok, I admit it, My name is Renee and I am a Control Freak!!

There should be a Control Freak anonymous, a group that we can go to and have some one say "It's OK, to not have control over everything." Which I guess as a Christian, I do have that in Jesus. If I let Him, He can have control (well, I guess He does, even if I choose not to let Him), but anyway, it is a choice. I can totally stress myself out trying to control ever circumstance, or I can be at peace knowing that God has control and no matter what ALL will be OK. Because it's His will.

What brought all this on? Well, my family, Mama, sister Joann, and nieces Kaydee & Kayla along with my brother in law Brad, are moving to Illinois. Actually, right now today, they are driving in a moving truck on their way here. I have been such a wreck all week, that I have hardly been able to accomplish anything. Hubby and I are a lot alike in that manner. He's a control freak too. I have to be the one to say, let it go. He's worse than I am. So the two of us have been quite the pair this week. Imaging every circumstance that can or could or will go wrong. When what we should be doing is relying on the Lord to do His good will.

It's such a move of faith on my families part. God is working, and I am flipping out and not letting Him do what He has to do. God IS in control. He is an awesome God! No matter what, He is the one in control. Please pray for me this weekend and the weeks to come, as I struggle with giving God the control He should have over my life.

Also, I have a blog friend, Manic Mom, she has lupus and she has been having a bad few days. Please pray for her.

Daily I have to get up out of bed and take my cross and follow HIM. I have to choose to give God control. He is going to take care of my family. And He will do it so much better than I ever could. He is an awesome God. :) After all, He puts up with me! I know I give Him enough stress. Lol!

Thanks to everyone who left such sweet comments regrading the children and our new prayer activity. I pray that God will use this to draw us closer as a family, even though the kids are only under our roof for a few short weekends at a time. He is in Control! Yes He is! Have a great weekend. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Small Talk Six Saturdays!

I luv ya, Renee

Monday, March 16, 2009

We Had A Blast!!

This weekend we had the kids, and all in all we had an excellent time. Friday night we went with Jacky to see the Last House On The Left. Awesome movie. It was gory but very suspenseful. We went to my favorite movie theater Hollywood Blvd in Woodridge. It's fantastic there. Lots of atmosphere and good food. I highly recommend it for a fun night out.

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL weather!! Spring is finally arriving in the Chicago area. Praise God!! We had an impromptu softball game. So much fun!! All of us were out there and it felt so good to be outdoors with out a coat or jacket on for a change.

Sunday the girls went to youth group at our church Harvest Bible Chapel. They are really involved in the youth group by their mom's house, but we want them to feel welcomed and loved and involved in activities by our house as well. Is there anyone out there who has to juggle kids back and forth? I personally have not been blessed with my own children, but I am blessed with these 3 wonderful kids, my husband has from his first marriage. I thank God for them everyday. I know it is hard on them to deal with life as we all know it. But they are pretty hardy kids. God is going to see them through.

We started a prayer activity with the children, hopefully this way, they will grow in their prayer lives and we will all grow as a family. We each have on person out of the 5 of us that we pray for during the week. Each person tells the desires of their heart and things that they would like their prayer partner to pray for during the week. Please pray with us, I know there are many prayer warriors out in blog land. Please pray that this will bond us together and we will all grow stronger and develop a heart for Jesus, as we seek His will together as a family.

And of course we went into Chicago and saw the green Chicago River! It was truly an awesome site. I loved seeing it and the weather was perfect to be in the city. Have a great week. My sister left tonight to return back to Mississippi. But please pray for her and the rest of my family, as they all get prepared to move up to Illinois.

If you want you can visit our church website. http://www.harvestbible.org/ It's an awesome church, and I invite anyone who has the opportunity to visit us there.

In Him, Renee

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Small Talk Six Saturdays!!

Small Talk Six Saturdays is a weekly Meme created by MomDot to engage conversations during the “slower” Blog Saturdays.Every week, those participating respond to a different topic. The response is done in 6; either 6 words, 6 paragraphs, photos etc…

This Week’s Small Talk Six Topic: 6 Things I love that are Green:

#1. Granny Smith apples--I love the tart taste. Nothing else like a Granny Smith apple.

#2. The Color of my family room--Green is my favorite color, so this is my favorite color room. The color we have it painted is painted Turtle.

#3. The color of the leaves when they first bud in spring.--I can't wait to see them this year. It has been a long winter! Ha.

#4. Kermit the Frog--He is always so happy. What a frog!

#5. A beautiful Christmas tree--There's nothing that is quite as peaceful to me, as watching the Christmas tree lights on the tree.

#6. Leprechaun's and their pot of gold--Saint Patrick's day is a fun holiday. We go all out around the Esparza house. We have green drinks with supper and wear green clothes. Kiss me I'm Irish, (if even for a day)!!

Now I a in the mood to go to the Saint Paddy's Day parade in downtown Chicago and watch them turn the Chicago River green. Blarney!!
Share you 6 and enjoy! Renee

Friday, March 13, 2009

Saint Paddys Day is Coming!

I love Saint Patrick's Day. Green is my favorite color. I have been trying to come up with a cute craft to work on this weekend. Last year, the whole gang, all 3 kids, Hubby, mom-in-law and myself all made a cute leprechaun. I found the how to info, on Family Fun magazines web site. He is so cute. It is a great project. We had a lot of laughs, as we all spent quality family time together, doing something creative. We made great memories and we still laugh about some of them today. It was so sweet to see my Hubby, holding his toilet paper roll, and painting it green. He's so cute. (Hubby, not the leprechaun) That's one thing I don't ever think my Daddy would have done. A craft (Oh My)!! LOL!! My Daddy did help with science projects, etc., but not crafts. No Way he would say.
I think tomorrow we will be going into Chicago to see the Chicago River turn green. How great is that. I am looking forward to it. I wanted to see it last year, but I couldn't convince Hubby to brave the crowds. This year, my powers of persuasion seems to have paid off.
Tomorrow night at church is Family Night. I am really looking forward to going. Then the kids are going to a jr. high thing on Sunday afternoon. Have a terrific Friday night.
Peace, Renee

Thursday, March 12, 2009

WoW BarBie is 50!!

I am a Barbie fan. I admit it. I have a collection, that I started when my oldest niece was born. A friend of mine, from when I was in church youth group, had a Barbie collection, and her parents sold it and used that money to pay for her college education. I remember thinking, as well as the rest of our friends, that it was so strange that Christy had to leave all her Barbies in the box. What fun was that? You couldn't comb her hair, or change her outfits, or have her dive off the water faucet into the bath tub! My sister and I came up with a lot of fun creative ideas for our Barbies. We dug a hole in our yard, that was the Barbie pond. She had a camper and she parked it beside that pond and had a grand ole time.

Our kids today, do not seem to have the imagination that we had. I really don't understand why. Maybe it's the computer and video game age. Once, I suggested to the girls that take their Barbies outside and play. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I thought that it would be good for them to be outside, they looked at me like I was crazy. "What do we do with them, outside?" they asked. I told them about all the fun that Joann and I had with our Barbies. When we were kids we even recruited the boys on our street to play with us. They brought in their GI Joe's, and Lego's and together we all conquered the world right there, in our front yard.

I was surprised to find out that Barbie is now 50 years old. I can't believe it, after all, she looks all of 21. I'm wondering, what kind of skin care does she use? Oil of Olay, L'Oreal, Mary Kay, Clinique....the list goes on. And another thing, how many careers can one woman have anyway? And she still has that great figure. Age doesn't seem to have affected Barbie at all. They should come out with a 40 ish barbie, with some gray hair and at least a couple of fine lines, right?

I still love to look at Barbie, fix her hair and arrange her clothes and outfits. I think I always will. Playing Barbie can take you far a way, in your imagination. Ahhh, the memories....

Oh and Barbie and Ken have been together for 43 years. So I am thinking she was 7 when they got together to start with. I don't know if that was the age she married him or not. Surely not. I'll have to look it up! LOL!! This was a big story on the WGN news the other morning. But I guess it's better than recession woes and war stories.

Barbie certainly isn't suffering from a recession. She drives her convertibles, has the town house, and an airplane, a ship, and on, and on. Maybe they should come out with Recession Barbie. What do you think that would look like? Just a thought.

This post is just for fun, and being with my sister this week, we have had lots of laughs and memories of Barbie. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please let me know your thoughts. (oh and my nieces do have Barbies that they can't take out of the box.) Sorry girls, I know they would be naked and have ratty hair in 5 seconds flat. Ha!
Later, Renee

Later, Renee

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Am Looking For A New Author to Read!!

Hi everyone, I just have a quick question. Has anyone ever read Jodi Picoult? I am searching for a new author to read and I saw her books at Meijer. Please let me know if you have read her. Have a great evening. Sister and I are going to watch some TV.

Later Tater, Renee

Sister, Sister!!

Joann has on the white shirt.

Today is the day that my younger sister comes for a visit. She currently lives in Mississippi, but will soon be moving to Illinois. She as 2 precious girls, (my nieces) HA! I once tried to get her to give them to me, but to no avail. Anyway, I think maybe being their aunt is more fun, spoil them then send them back. (sounds good) lol!

Kaydee and Kayla

My sister's name is Joann, and she is married the greatest guy, Brad. And Kaydee and Kayla, who are 11 months apart, are my nieces. I am sooooo, happy that they are moving up here. Brad has been here for a year already. He has gone home, to Mississippi, a few times and now the whole family is moving here. It will be a big change for the girls though. I pray that they will adjust.

As I mentioned the other day, the kids came for the weekend. We had a really great weekend overall, with them here. But of course with a 13 year old, we ended with a bit of drama. We went to our church Saturday night, there are 3 services, one on Saturday night, and 2 Sunday morning. It is just much easier, for us to go on Saturday night, when the kids are visiting. We always seem to have Sunday morning drama, if we try to get everyone out the door, to make it for Sunday morning. But anyway, Saturday night our pastor spoke of the Good Samaritan. He spoke of how if we see a need, we should address that need. I have a longing within my heart to develop some sort of ministry to the people in my neighborhood, but especially the ones on my street. I am praying that God will show me His will, and asking that He guide me to how to best minister for Him. I ask that you would pray for that with me also.

With my sister being here for a few days, I am looking forward to being with her. I have a couple of fun little outings planned for us to do. We will most certainly be making a trip to Joann Fabrics. I love that store and Hobby Lobby. I can spend hours in either one of them. I have taken Amber and Jacky a few times and we talk about the things we would love to buy and crafts we can make. Joann and I do the same thing. I have taken Hubby a few times, but he RUSHES me. So I will be leaving him at home this trip. Poor thing, he just goes there because I want him to, but he really can't stand it. But I do give him points for trying. He is such a sweet man. (99% of the time)

I need to get cracking, Joann will be here in 2 hours. I have things to do. I hope everyone has a great week. Take care and God bless you all.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Small Talk Six Saturdays!!

Small Talk Six Saturdays is a weekly Meme created by MomDot to engage conversations during the “slower” Blog Saturdays.
Every week, those participating respond to a different topic. The response is done in 6; either 6 words, 6 paragraphs, photos etc…
This Week’s Small Talk Six Topic:

6 Places I would like to travel to if I had someone trustworthy to watch over my children and pets.
This one was fun to do. After a long winter in the COLD Chicago Suburbs, I can certainly think of tons of places I would love to travel. But I can narrow it down to six.....

#1. Beautiful Jamaica--A cool drink in a coconut, my hubby by my side and lotsa warm sunshine. What more could I ask for?

#2. Hawaii--Again the cool drink in the coconut, my hubby by my side and lotsa warm sunshine. I sense a theme here! LOL!! (that's what a long winter will do)

#3 Arizona--Mesa to be exact! The Chicago Cubs have started spring training and I would love to be there to cheer them on. I'm sure that is just what they need to have an excellent season this year. GO CUBBIES!!

#4. Florida, Key West--I have never been to the Florida Keys, but I imagine it's pretty beautiful. I see lotsa sand, plenty of sun......you get the picture!!

#5. New Mexico--I can't believe that I have been to all of the south west, except New Mexico. It's on the list.

#6. Puerto Vallarto, Mexico-- Again with the sun, sand and Hubby theme. Here's a pic of beautiful Puerto Vallarto.
Just thinking about all that sand and sun has warmed me up all ready. I need to talk to Hubby and let him know I am in the mood for a Vacation Trip!!
Share your 6 places and enjoy!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Weather Has Me In The Mood To Get Things Organized!!

Today was AWESOME! The sunshine was fabulous! The weather in Naperville, was absolutely beautiful! The high was almost 70 degrees! Woo, Woo!! Spring is coming!! I opened a few window, kept the front door open, allowing the sun to shine in through the glass door. Wonderful, wonderful, weather. I can't wait to get started planting a few flowers. But, being from the south, I am not quite sure how to go about planting here in Illinois. If any one has any gardening suggestions, I would welcome them:) I gotta get some flowers! I just do not know what to plant here. What grows the best. HELP!!

Since the weather was so beautiful and sunny, I got to working around the kitchen. I now have everything so organized, and pretty. I should have thought to take before and after pics. Let's just hope that everything stays all organized.

The kids are going to be here this weekend. I think tomorrow we are going to the 3 dollar movie to see The Pink Panther. Whatever happened to the 1 dollar movie? Anyway, going to the movie should keep every body busy for at least a couple of hours. I am going to get out the craft bucket too. Niko has the task of organizing every one's computer time for the weekend. Hopefully this will cut down on sibling arguments! I'll let ya know how that works out.

If you have a chance go over to my community at http://blogfrog.com/ (just click on the blogfrog button in the side panel, where it says Visit the Always A Southern Girl Community) and join my discussion on cell phone use at the dinner table, I would love to here your comments! And also, I am just wondering, does everyone else request from their kids, that there be no texting or phone calls during family time? Or is it just at our house? That's what they tell us, (everyone else is doing it) I know you haven't heard that before have ya? Just asking. LOL!!

I hope ya'll have a super weekend. My sister is coming on Monday, up from Mississippi. Can't wait to see her. Take care--Renee

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pray for these Sweet Little Girls.

Hi Everyone, How's your day going? I just have a quick moment to leave this post and then I have to go to a meeting. I was at the blog http://fortthompson.blogspot.com and he had asked for a prayer request for these 3 sweet little girls. I went to their site it is http://livinglifewithlaney.blogspot.com Please take a moment and lift up a prayer for this family. You can visit their site by clicking on the link, or the button with their picture. Thanks and I will be back later!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oooopps, I forgot to mention one thing!!

I forgot to mention that the great picture, I am showing in my last post, the one of the cross, I found on a blog by Marty Kittrell. Hopefully, if you click on the name in red there, you will be taken to the site. I am not quite sure how that all works, as of yet, so don't be suprised if for some reason it doesn't! But I do follow the blog, you can look in the blogs I follow and find it. There's some terrific pictures of the Vicksburg, MS area. I didn't want to take the credit for that picture though:) Unfortunately I didn't take it. Visit that blog, if you get a chance!

A Song Remembers When...

Isn't it amazing how the mind works? Earlier today, I was in the kitchen, loading the dishwasher and listening to the radio. A song came on the radio and instantly I was taken back in time, to a place of fun, innocence, and young love. I could even smell the grass from the backyard. The memory was this...My sister and I were outside playing, it was late spring, the year I turned 13.

Ahh, 13, what and interesting year that is for anyone to live through! Anyway, I had a little radio that my Daddy had given me. It was in the shape of a Coca-Cola bottle and you turned the bottle neck end to increase the volume and the bottom of the bottle to change the stations. I still have that radio, somewhere. The sun was warm on my face and the grass smelled sweet. We lived close to a creek branch and you could even smell the water.

The song that came on was a song from the movie Urban Cowboy, which by the way I wasn't allowed to see at the time, because of my age. My Mama said that the movie was totally inapproiate. (and she was right) ha!! But I did know the song. It was sung by Johnny Lee. The part of the song, I loved the most, was the chorus....

I was looking for love in all the wrong places
Looking for love in too many faces
Searching their eyes looking for traces
Of what I'm dreaming of
Hoping to find a friend and a lover
I'll bless the day I discover
Another heart looking for love.....
Of course, being 13, I didn't get much out of all the lyrics...but I did understand the Looking for love part. Ahhh...young unrequited love!! It makes me laugh now that I think about it. There was this boy, and well let's just say I was a shy 13 year-old girl!! And I bet those of you reading this that are my friends from Jr. High, can't even guess who this boy was..

But you know, now that I am writing this post I think of another scenario, for these words of this song. How many of us, go out looking for something, anything, to make us feel, loved or cherished? We search everywhere, except we often miss the one place we should be looking. The love I am talking about, is an immeasurable love, that knows no bounds. The love of Jesus! He loves us soooo much. No matter how horrible we can be!

Just think how much our Heavenly Father loves us..

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world (you and me) that He gave his only Son, so that everyone (you and me) who believes in him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life"

That my friends is a whole lotta LOVE!! So if you're out there, searching everywhere for love, Look to the Heavenly Father, and He will provide you with all you need.
I even think it's pretty cool how my mind has been able to get to John 3:16 from a country western song!! God surely has done that. He is good...All the time.. Amen...

Everyone have a blessed afternoon. Love ya, Renee

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kids Can Ask the Darnest Things!!

As you know, on Thursdays we spend time with Niko, before his counseling and this past Thursday was no exception. Niko is a very astute little boy and he is very curious about all things. So, we were sitting in the food court of the mall, eating a pretzel, the 3 of us and Niko ask me..."So Renee, what's your destiny?"
"My destiny?" I ask.

"Yes" he replied.

I think for just a moment and then I tell him. My destiny is to bring God's love to all the world! Also, to love Niko and his sisters, as well as their Daddy, as much as I can! I think when someone is asked of their destiny, it might be to say, create a cure for cancer, or stop violence, or some such thing as that. But as we are commanded in Matt 28:16 "Go ye therefore and teach all nations.." Our true destiny, in my opinion, is to bring God's love to all the world. Either through actions, words or deeds, whatever your spiritual gift is. God will guide us to do this for Him.

The definition of destiny is: something in which a person or thing is destined. So there you go. How thought provoking is the question of a 10 year old. It was 5 days ago that Niko asked me that question and I have pondered my answer ever since. Yes, me, I am supposed to go and tell the world about Jesus's love for everyone and the great sacrifice He made for you and for me. You know, I was reading in Exodus the other day and Moses, could not believe that God had chosen him to do his work. Why me Lord? he asked. I found that interesting, that Moses did not think he was the one the Lord should choose. We all have doubts about what God wants us to do. But one thing is sure...He wants us to GO & Tell!! That my friend, is our destiny as believers.

I hope everyone has an awesome afternoon. Please feel free to let me know if you have any special prayer request.

Love ya, Renee