Monday, March 16, 2009

We Had A Blast!!

This weekend we had the kids, and all in all we had an excellent time. Friday night we went with Jacky to see the Last House On The Left. Awesome movie. It was gory but very suspenseful. We went to my favorite movie theater Hollywood Blvd in Woodridge. It's fantastic there. Lots of atmosphere and good food. I highly recommend it for a fun night out.

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL weather!! Spring is finally arriving in the Chicago area. Praise God!! We had an impromptu softball game. So much fun!! All of us were out there and it felt so good to be outdoors with out a coat or jacket on for a change.

Sunday the girls went to youth group at our church Harvest Bible Chapel. They are really involved in the youth group by their mom's house, but we want them to feel welcomed and loved and involved in activities by our house as well. Is there anyone out there who has to juggle kids back and forth? I personally have not been blessed with my own children, but I am blessed with these 3 wonderful kids, my husband has from his first marriage. I thank God for them everyday. I know it is hard on them to deal with life as we all know it. But they are pretty hardy kids. God is going to see them through.

We started a prayer activity with the children, hopefully this way, they will grow in their prayer lives and we will all grow as a family. We each have on person out of the 5 of us that we pray for during the week. Each person tells the desires of their heart and things that they would like their prayer partner to pray for during the week. Please pray with us, I know there are many prayer warriors out in blog land. Please pray that this will bond us together and we will all grow stronger and develop a heart for Jesus, as we seek His will together as a family.

And of course we went into Chicago and saw the green Chicago River! It was truly an awesome site. I loved seeing it and the weather was perfect to be in the city. Have a great week. My sister left tonight to return back to Mississippi. But please pray for her and the rest of my family, as they all get prepared to move up to Illinois.

If you want you can visit our church website. It's an awesome church, and I invite anyone who has the opportunity to visit us there.

In Him, Renee


Laurie said...

Looks like ya'll (from one southern girl to another) had a great weekend with the kids! I think your new prayer activity sounds great! My kids are getting older and that might be a wonderful way for them to see the power or prayer!

I'm glad I stopped by your blog too...although I have to admit I think I have stopped by here once before through Say It On A Sign---I love your blog title btw!

Yoli said...

Thanks for your comment. My blog is finished. i don't like to do too much, it is too much work! I understand the anxiety! LOL

DeeDee said...

Hi Renee...thanks for stopping at my blog..after checking you out I have to ask "where are you from in Mississippi?" We lived there for 6.5 Hattiesburg! ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT THERE!

I like your blog and will have to check out the Saturday blog....gotta go for now! Sincemoving to Ohio back in the fall...I am excited about warmer weather too!

Joy, DeeDee

Laurie in Ca. said...

Hi Renee,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I was born and raised in SOUTHERN California. Does this make me southern?:) I didn't have a blended family but my son who got married last year married a wonderful girl who has a 16 year old son and a 13 year old son. They are adjusting and keeping an open mind and loving heart plays a huge role in the blending. I love the way you are doing the prayer partners in your family. What a great way to love eachother. You are a blessing to these three kids and they will love you for it. Your husband too!! I will be back to visit.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Alicia said...

Hi there! Wow, it looks beautiful there!!

What a blessing to hear about what you and your hubby are doing w/ your step children. What a blessing to hear how much you adore them!!!!