Saturday, March 14, 2009

Small Talk Six Saturdays!!

Small Talk Six Saturdays is a weekly Meme created by MomDot to engage conversations during the “slower” Blog Saturdays.Every week, those participating respond to a different topic. The response is done in 6; either 6 words, 6 paragraphs, photos etc…

This Week’s Small Talk Six Topic: 6 Things I love that are Green:

#1. Granny Smith apples--I love the tart taste. Nothing else like a Granny Smith apple.

#2. The Color of my family room--Green is my favorite color, so this is my favorite color room. The color we have it painted is painted Turtle.

#3. The color of the leaves when they first bud in spring.--I can't wait to see them this year. It has been a long winter! Ha.

#4. Kermit the Frog--He is always so happy. What a frog!

#5. A beautiful Christmas tree--There's nothing that is quite as peaceful to me, as watching the Christmas tree lights on the tree.

#6. Leprechaun's and their pot of gold--Saint Patrick's day is a fun holiday. We go all out around the Esparza house. We have green drinks with supper and wear green clothes. Kiss me I'm Irish, (if even for a day)!!

Now I a in the mood to go to the Saint Paddy's Day parade in downtown Chicago and watch them turn the Chicago River green. Blarney!!
Share you 6 and enjoy! Renee


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Cute list and I could relate to many...Granny Smiths are our favorite, my boys' room is painted green (can't remember the exact shade though), and I love Kermie too.

Jen said...

What a fun meme! I may have to check it out!! I noticed you commented on my sister and my's blog recently and also again on my sister's personal blog. I thought I would stop to say hello!! I am having a fun scavenger hunt this week on my blog in honor of SPRING BREAK!! I hope you can stop by and join in the fun!!


Katrina said...

Hi Renee! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for your comment. I love green, too, especially when the grass here finally turns from dead brown to vibrant green... yeah! Springs a comin'! :o)

Mrs Wibbs said...

Nice to 'meet' you, thanks for visiting and commenting!
Green is my favourite colour by far... Such a colour of hope...
I like this meme, might take part next time - looks like fun!

new*me said...

My son loves green! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I love pink.......I'm such a girly girl! Six cheeks on my kids in the winter, pink roses, pink cupcakes with sprinkles, pink feminine shirts, pink lipstick, pink jammies ;)