Monday, March 2, 2009

Kids Can Ask the Darnest Things!!

As you know, on Thursdays we spend time with Niko, before his counseling and this past Thursday was no exception. Niko is a very astute little boy and he is very curious about all things. So, we were sitting in the food court of the mall, eating a pretzel, the 3 of us and Niko ask me..."So Renee, what's your destiny?"
"My destiny?" I ask.

"Yes" he replied.

I think for just a moment and then I tell him. My destiny is to bring God's love to all the world! Also, to love Niko and his sisters, as well as their Daddy, as much as I can! I think when someone is asked of their destiny, it might be to say, create a cure for cancer, or stop violence, or some such thing as that. But as we are commanded in Matt 28:16 "Go ye therefore and teach all nations.." Our true destiny, in my opinion, is to bring God's love to all the world. Either through actions, words or deeds, whatever your spiritual gift is. God will guide us to do this for Him.

The definition of destiny is: something in which a person or thing is destined. So there you go. How thought provoking is the question of a 10 year old. It was 5 days ago that Niko asked me that question and I have pondered my answer ever since. Yes, me, I am supposed to go and tell the world about Jesus's love for everyone and the great sacrifice He made for you and for me. You know, I was reading in Exodus the other day and Moses, could not believe that God had chosen him to do his work. Why me Lord? he asked. I found that interesting, that Moses did not think he was the one the Lord should choose. We all have doubts about what God wants us to do. But one thing is sure...He wants us to GO & Tell!! That my friend, is our destiny as believers.

I hope everyone has an awesome afternoon. Please feel free to let me know if you have any special prayer request.

Love ya, Renee


Tim said...

Amen to that post Renee! That was great. I think it to often that we forget this.

It is always great to be reminded by such a post.

By the way, did you read my Angels and Miracles post? If not its a must read. So grab a cup of coffee because short its not.

Love and Prayers,


everydayMOM said...

Hey there... I came over here after reading your comment on my friend, A Musing Mom's blog... Your Niko reminds me of a special child we have in our extended family. (His name happens to be Nicholas.) I've had the privilege of getting to know lots of families with kids on the spectrum. They can certainly bring a new kind of joy to the family. I love his question about your destiny. That is classic!