Friday, March 20, 2009

Ok, I admit it, My name is Renee and I am a Control Freak!!

There should be a Control Freak anonymous, a group that we can go to and have some one say "It's OK, to not have control over everything." Which I guess as a Christian, I do have that in Jesus. If I let Him, He can have control (well, I guess He does, even if I choose not to let Him), but anyway, it is a choice. I can totally stress myself out trying to control ever circumstance, or I can be at peace knowing that God has control and no matter what ALL will be OK. Because it's His will.

What brought all this on? Well, my family, Mama, sister Joann, and nieces Kaydee & Kayla along with my brother in law Brad, are moving to Illinois. Actually, right now today, they are driving in a moving truck on their way here. I have been such a wreck all week, that I have hardly been able to accomplish anything. Hubby and I are a lot alike in that manner. He's a control freak too. I have to be the one to say, let it go. He's worse than I am. So the two of us have been quite the pair this week. Imaging every circumstance that can or could or will go wrong. When what we should be doing is relying on the Lord to do His good will.

It's such a move of faith on my families part. God is working, and I am flipping out and not letting Him do what He has to do. God IS in control. He is an awesome God! No matter what, He is the one in control. Please pray for me this weekend and the weeks to come, as I struggle with giving God the control He should have over my life.

Also, I have a blog friend, Manic Mom, she has lupus and she has been having a bad few days. Please pray for her.

Daily I have to get up out of bed and take my cross and follow HIM. I have to choose to give God control. He is going to take care of my family. And He will do it so much better than I ever could. He is an awesome God. :) After all, He puts up with me! I know I give Him enough stress. Lol!

Thanks to everyone who left such sweet comments regrading the children and our new prayer activity. I pray that God will use this to draw us closer as a family, even though the kids are only under our roof for a few short weekends at a time. He is in Control! Yes He is! Have a great weekend. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Small Talk Six Saturdays!

I luv ya, Renee

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Anonymous said...

Are you not wanting your family to move by yall? This may be none of my business or maybe I missed something in an earlier post. Gonna go back a few days and re-read.
Also, the pics of the kids were so cute. They look like very happy, GOOD kids. Loved the pic of the green river. Brought back lots of memories.