Monday, March 23, 2009

Whatta Weekend!!

Friday night, my family arrived in Chicagoland. I am thrilled beyond belief. We had a house full. Our kids were here, my Mama, sister and her hubby and their 2 girls. Oh and us, me and my hubby. Plus 2 cats, Elvis and Lizzie, and 1 little poodle, Ivory. But I was loving it.

On Saturday, I kept all the kids, and my Mama and everyone else went to their new home. It's not exactly new. It's a wonderful old farm house, that was built in 1914. It's 3 stories, that includes the basement. My family has never lived in a house that was more than 1 story. That will be an adjustment for them. They have lots of land, and barns and corn fields. They are only 37 miles from me.

I told my Mama on Sunday that I was so glad that they were finally here. As you may remember, my Daddy passed away 2 years ago and It hasn't been easy for my Mom. I didn't realize how bad it was until my hubby and I went on a little trip to Pensacola, for his work and we took her with us. That was this past fall. She was supposed to stay with us for one whole week, then go back home to Mississippi. But when it was time for her to leave, she didn't want to go. She said that she didn't want to be back at her house, without my Daddy there. I never realized how hard that must be for her, to be in that house that together they made a home. I had been so wrapped up in my grief that I couldn't see hers.

My Daddy was home on hospice and he passed away in their bedroom. She has still been staying in the same room. I finally suggested that maybe, she might consider moving up by me. I never thought she would. But she surprised me! Also, since my sisters hubby Brad is here in Chicago working with my hubby, they decided to come along as well. They will all be living in that wonderful old farmhouse together. Now I can help out however I am needed and I have great piece of mind that all of them are only a short trip away. What a blessing that is.

When they get all settled in, I will post a few pics of the new place. Please pray for them as they now have to find a church. And my nieces start their new school on next Monday. I ask that you pray that they will make great friends and fit right in.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Please keep checking in. I will be having a contest coming soon. More info on that later.

Also, please pray for my blog friend Lolli. She recently posted about a young boy in her sons school who took his on life. Please pray for all involved in that tragedy. Please realize my friends, that nothing is so bad that with Jesus help you can't get through it. He will always see you through. Suicide is not the answer. The ones left behind, will suffer for quite sometime, because of a senseless choice. Go to Jesus with your troubles. If you need a human to talk to as well, I am here! Email me and we can connect and pray together.

In Him, Renee

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