Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Baby Process

Going to the fertility clinic is an amazing thing. I didn't know how little I actually knew about reproduction. There's day 1 of the cycle, and day 3 of the cycle. They all do something different. I have, so for had 4 ultrasounds and 3 outpatient test. I had a hystersalpinogram. That test was horrible. They shoot radiated dye up into the uterus. Wow, I almost passed out.

Tomorrow, I am having a hysteroscopy polypectomy done. I have 3 tiny polyps and Dr. Miller says these can be like IUD's and stop implantation. My procedure will be done in outpatient surgery. So I will be put under for it. It's at 4pm tomorrow. Say a prayer. Not sure what the next step is after that, but will keep ya'll posted.