Thursday, March 26, 2009

This is Interesting>>>A Writer's Workshop!!

While surfing a few blogs today, I found an interesting writer's workshop. It was on Mama's Losin it. She gives different prompts and you pick one to write about. The one I am choosing to write about is....

1.) Somebody I'm praying for---As you all know, I am praying for little Stellan. But also, I think I mentioned in an earlier post about our new prayer activity that we started with the children. I haven't updated you on how that is going. The kids when they first arrived at our house Friday night, asked "Have you been praying for you person Renee?" "Of course I have" I answered. I was to pray for a friend of Niko's who had hit his head. He is doing well, and Niko was very happy that I remembered and lifted his friend up in prayer. This week I also am praying for Niko. He ask that I pray that he gets better grades. He struggles in school, but the school is working with him. He is very smart, they just have to tap into the way he learns.

I got to thinking while reading a blog earlier, the blogger asked the question, "Why do we pray, when God already knows the outcome for whatever our need is?" Very thought provoking question. I pray because I want to develop a close personal, and intimate relationship with Jesus. He wants to hear about everything in my life. He wants me to go to Him for all my concerns. I think that through prayer, I discover what God's will is and the desires of my heart will change to be in accordance to His will.

My Sweet Daddy, passed away from cancer 2 years ago. I prayed for His healing, along with our entire family and community. He was healed in a way that I didn't necessarily want, but is so much better than what I could ever have hoped. He is walking those streets of gold right now, and I wouldn't want him back here in the pain filled world for anything. It makes me sad that God now has my Daddy, but also soooo happy. I guess that's hard to explain or even understand.

Well, I will be going for now. Have a terrific night. Please pray for Hubby and me as we drive back home to Chicago tomorrow.

Goodnight my friends, Renee


MELISSA said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comment! i see you are a southern girl too... there's nothing like the south!

how do you like living up north now?

Southern Gal said...

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I'm sorry to hear about your daddy. I can't imagine that kind of pain.

I'm a southerner from SC and guess what? My name is Renee, too!

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

Thank you for this post. I truly believe in the power of prayer and exactly like the quote says, it's all about the faith and hope it brings.

Thanks for sharing.

Mama Kat said...

So true! And I love the idea of having specific people to pray for with the kiddos. I bet that makes them feel pretty darn special!