Saturday, August 29, 2009

Small Talk 6 Saturdays!!

It's Saturday and that means Small Talk 6!! Today's topic, 6 things you loved or hated about school.

#1.) I loved shopping for school clothes and school supplies.

#2.) I loved seeing all my friends.

#3.) I loved all my classes (I know, nerdy)

#4.) I loved Friday night Football "Go Aggies" (Friday night football games in a small southern town, they are the social event of the year, let me tell you!!)

#5.) I loved Saturdays.
#6.) I hated bullies.

There you have it. I loved school, this past week, getting my kids and my nieces all ready for school, it makes me want to go back. (but I soon get over that) Lol!


Denise said...

Awesome list.

Susan York Meyers said...

I still love those football games! I also loved shopping for school supplies.

God bless,
Author of Callie and the Stepmother.

check out my six here:

Debbie said...

Bullies are so horrible. Sadly, they are still out there.

Gracie Beth said...

I hated bullies too, I want to one day write a book of my experiences as a child that was bullied constantly.

Mejis said...

You loved all your classes? Wow that's a first. lol

Staci said...

Friday night football games in our town are the highlight of the week too, lol! I think the entire town goes to the games each week!

Julia said...

HI!! Came for a visit from SITS Fest! Oh back to school blues here. I am glad the kid is starting but man are there more things to get them ready for these days then when I was a kid.

I was an Aggie too! A UC Davis Aggie (for college). Where were you in school?

elliej said...

Friday night football games seemed to be a definite "like"

Kimberly said...

I loved school! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

Sarah Dawn said...

What a sweet way to get to know you a bit more ... I still have dreams about finals!

Blessings to you,
Sarah Dawn

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I loved college...being independent, picking classes that interested me, joining a sorority.

But school before college...not so much to love for me.

Sounds like you had a great experience though!

Lucy said...

Some how I missed your post last week. I loved the Friday games too. O to be a teen again. I wish I could go back with the knowledge that I have now:)


Walking on Sunshine... said...

I loved the shopping for school also. I loved how it was a new year and I could start all over. I hated the bullying and the cliques and never being able to use the bathroom in high school. You didn't want to go in there, if you know what I mean. Too many mean girls.

Great list. Glad I don't have to go back!!!