Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sometimes God Just Hits Ya Over the Head!!!

I love people, I love to get to know people and I love to be social. But for some stupid reason, I have this horrible fear of making new friends outside my comfort zone. (Which is Mississippi) I don't know why, it's dumb I know.

Well, my sweet little puppy has gotten me out in the neighborhood. So I am meeting people.

I have a wonderful home (and I am very thankful to God for it) and I would so like to invite neighbors and friends over. I just have this crazy fear. So, I have been doing this Bible study on Judges and Ruth, by Elizabeth George. Wow, today was about faithfulness and certainity, and when we aren't faithful, we fail. If we take our eyes off God!

A few weeks ago I ordered the promotional stuff to do "Operation Christmas Child" in my neighborhood. Everyday I look at that box of stuff. I gotta JUST DO IT! Get out and let everyone know about this thing I want to do.

Then, low and behold, today I found this video, about stepping out of the boat. Hello!!! Ok, God I hear ya!! I am stepping out.

Here's a little about the group in the video. I first heard them in college. "Aceppella" They are pretty great. I haven't thought about them in a while though.

Have a good day and enjoy the video.Acappella - Video by Acappella - MySpace Video

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Jensmere said...

Hey Renee! I am so proud of you! I know how much courage it takes to get out there in your neighborhood and I applaud your passion and motivation and especially your OBEDIENCE to the voice of God. Can't wait to hear more about this new adventure!

Bless you, sweetie!!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Like that phrase, step out of the boat. Good video, never heard of them! We did Operation Shoe Box a few years at church. It's a great organization and the kids really seem to enjoy it! Hope you get your shoebox full!!!!

Beth in NC said...

Operation Christmas Child is an awesome ministry! I always placed my address in the tops of my boxes and have received some letters from the kids in other countries.

Girl, don't be afraid of us folks. :o)

KK said...

I'm always afraid of new people and new situations, and then once I get somewhere and start talking, I wonder what I was ever afraid of!

Jacki said...

Great post!
We do
Ooperation Christmas Child every year at church, and even have a dedicated missions team to take the boxes to Haiti.

All you need to do is be faithful to what God is telling you!! He will give you the words and guide your steps!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I look forward to getting to know you better!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

You can do it!!! And thank you for the sweet comment on my blog-that verse in Isaiah is for you...and me! :)

Juliet Grossman said...

You sound like such a sincere, sweet, kindhearted person that people will not be able to help but LOVE to meet you & become friends with you. Kudos to you for pushing out of your comfort zone. Thanks so much for visiting me on my Sits Day last week:-)

My little blog spot said...

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Lucy postpartumillness.com said...

I think todays world makes it very hard to put yourself out there. You just never know. My husband tells me to get out of my bubble and enjoy life:) Im working on this too.