Friday, January 30, 2009

Clint Eastwood is still going strong!

Me & Phil
Wow! Last night Phillip and I went to see Gran Tarino starring Clint Eastwood. It was a sensational movie. Clint Eastwood was wonderful as always. I heard that this will most likely be his last movie. While I am not a fan of all of Clint Eastwood movies, I highly recommend seeing this one. There were moments in the movie that I actually laughed out loud. We went to see it at Hollywood Movie Theater, it has a restaurant in it as well. You eat dinner and watch a movie. How neat is that? It also has a superb atmosphere! All in all a fun evening out with Hubby.

I have been thinking a lot, about ways to save money during these times of recession.

How many of you are coupon clippers? Got any ideas on ways to save money at the check out counter? I would love to hear any tips you may have. Drop me a line with you thoughts on coupons and grocery shopping.

We started this week The Atkins Diet, anyone have an idea for recipes? Love to hear them. Let me know.

Until Later, Renee

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