Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am new at this, so bare with me.

Wow, I can't believe that there is so much snow on the ground. I grew up on Southern Mississippi and we were lucky if we got 2 inches of snow per year. We have here in Naperville over a foot of snow right now in our front yard. We are supposed to get up to 5 more inches by tonight. I lived in New England for 3 years prior to this and I basically feel like a fish out of water, when winter comes. I do fine all through out the year, but once winter comes, I don't even like to leave the house. I can't explain it. I miss so much about the South. The warm weather, etc.

When we first moved to Connecticut, I didn't even have a decent winter coat. I just had a simple barm jacket. Boy did that change. I now am the proud owner of 3 coats. I have also figured out the why the fuss over scarfs. I never understood that before. Why have a thing tied around your neck. But believe me, it does serve a purpose. If your neck is cold you are cold all over. So, I have a scarf, a knit hat, and gloves. I do need to get some snow boots though.

I'm telling you it's a different world, up here in the winter. BRRRR.

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