Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Fragments!! & Friday Photo Flashback!!

So many fragments, so little time. That's why, if you write them down and save them all for a Friday Fragments post, you will find it very satisfying. Welcome to Friday Fragments, the home for those tidbits from your week that entertained you, puzzled you, or just made you happy. To find out more about Friday Fragments and how you to can be apart of it on your blog go to Half Past Kissin' Time.

***Hubby is mowing the yard. I am hoping he doesn't come in with any missing body parts!! I really need to refresh my first aid skills! LoL! He's never mowed the yard before (atleast not since we've been married) we have always had a lawn service. But in these times of recession, we are cutting back. We bought a used mower on craigslist and well the rest will be history I guess....

***You may have heard that actress Bea Arthur passed away this week. I loved her in the Golden Girls! She was a great big shouldered broad.

***I am totally getting flipped out about this swine flu thing. I went into Wal-Mart the other day, because I decided that we needed to have more hand sanitizer. Wal-Mart was sold out!! I guess I am not the only one flipping out!!

***Hubby and I are having a slight disagreement over our fridge's ice machine. It's broken (not making it's own ice) So you have to add bagged ice to it. I have been buying bagged ice. I like lots of ice in my Diet Coke. He says, make tray ice instead to save money.....It's just not the same!!! I never thought I would be an Ice Snob!!

***Our little baseball player Niko,(even though he would take offense to being called little) is getting comfortable with the game. That's wonderful!

***I saw a Cadillac dump truck the other day. Who knew they made those?

***It's May 1st and in Chicago it's a balmy 53 degrees! What's up with that? I need to have a talk with our weather man. I think he's confused. It's supposed to be Spring....HELLO!!

***I have a very neurotic cat, she will only drink water that is dripping out of the faucet!! I probably need to take her to a kitty psychiatrist. If you try to leave her some water in a bowl, she meows and aggravates you until you give in and turn the faucet on for her. "This is wasting water Lizzie, you gotta get a grip"

Ok, I also really like this great meme that my friend Alicia is doing at More Than Words. It's called Friday Photo Flashback. Go over to her site to read more about it.

Here's my photo. It's of my nieces about 5 years ago, they were both Minnie Mouse for Halloween.

I hope everyone has a Super Great Friday!! Remember to leave Comments!

In Christ,


Jen said...

Great idea on the fragments post.
Thanks so much for stopping by my site today. I really appreciate it!

abby said...

that is hiliarious! my cat won't drink still water much either. She likes to have it "straight from the faucet".

carma said...

A Cadillac dump truck - fancy!! I hope your husband survived the lawnmowing :D
Stopping by from SITS to say "hi" and "welcome"!
We're glad you joined.

Alicia said... ice snob!!!

I'm so glad you did the FF again!!

Oh..the gal that made my button is Tara. Her blog site is

Tell her I sent you over!! :)

She is super nice!!!!

Denise said...

Fun post.

sandy said...

I have been buying ice for my ice machine too! you are right ice from trays is not the same:0)

I came by to welcome you to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood:0)

Beth in NC said...

Oh my goodness, how cute!!!!

Erin said...

Oh my gosh...they look so cute! They will love that picture forever...

Michelle said...

I love Friday Fragments...good idea. I'd have too many fragmented thoughts to leave,lol.

BTW-I watch a lot of the same shows in your top 8, also LOVE Burn Notice!!

Also, I've been cautioned to remove the Nair from my shower! Have a great weekend.

shopannies said...

great picture and I loved Bea as well

Stephanie @ Faithful Follower Of Christ said...

How cute that they were both the same thing!

Lisa M said...

A Cadillac DUMP TRUCK!?!?! You learn something new everyday I guess lol.

Just dropped by to welcome you to the SITStahood!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! You're not missing much in Peoria ;-) I was in Naperville a few years ago for a high school speech tournament (I used to be an assistant coach). I really liked Naperville! Anyway, thanks for stopping by! :-)

Anonymous said...

oh, and my cat is the same way! I drive my husband nuts because I let her get up on the sink in my bathroom to drink from the faucet. :-)

Laoch of Chicago said...

My cat does the faucet thing. I am always having to dry is very wet cat head.

Brittany said...

Ha Ha!!!
I am an "ice snob" too!
Ours was out for almost 6 months, and we bought bagged ice everyday! Don't wait as long as we did to get it fixed...
I did the math:
$2/day= about $60/month
x 6 mo.= Priceless ($360!)

Thanks for grabbing my new button! It looks fab on your side bar! :)

from another Southern gal (S.E.Texas)

Mrs4444 said...

I loved catching up with you via your fragments; nicely done. I'm so with you on the ice in the Diet Coke; I'm the same way. (And you can't buy a bottle of it and be as satisfied as the fountain variety.) We used to have a cat who did the same thing. My mom's cat did the same thing, so she bought him a tiny waterfall, which is in her livingroom. Now, the danged cat can drink whenever he wants! Good job on the canceling of the lawncare. Does that mean you have to take turns, though??

Anonymous said...

The ice thing is cracking me up! You do know that (filter or not) the ice machine makes ice from the same water line as what you would put in trays? But I can't say I blame you! I love bagged ice way better. Also, my son's name is Nico! Yay for Nico's! Or Niko's!

I am stopping by to wish you big welcome to the SITSahood! It's an awesome community! Look forward to seeing you around!

BLC :o said...

Awe! What a fabulous post. And, those Minnie Mouses are too cute for words. Xoxo-BLC

Fifi Flowers said...

2 Minnies are definitely better than one... CUTE!