Monday, May 11, 2009

Amish Country!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!! All was quite around here. The kids spent the day with their Bio-mom and Hubby and I took a ride.

We drove over to Indiana Amish Country!! Beautiful!! Beautiful!! I am so amazed at these people. You know how you always see them on TV and to see it in real life is breath taking. They really live the best life. Here we all think, we have it made with our computer technology and cars and such. They are the ones that have it made.

You know we didn't see on ove weight Amish person. They eat to good, for them to get over weight (no junk food) and they aren't couch potatoes or computer nerds. I did feel sort of out of place. I felt like I was starring at them, but I honestly didn't mean too. Hubby asked me if we should take pictures. I said no, that I thought that would be rude. But we did take some pictures of the scenery.

My computer is running terribly slow tonight, so I will have to post those pictures another day!

All in all we had a magnificent day. The weather was beautiful and the company (Hubby) couldn't have been better! :) We stopped at a small Inn type place and ate dinner, then drove back in to Chicagoland.

I didn't get to post God Answers Prayers Sunday. So today I am asking that if any of you has a prayer request, let me know and I will pray for you everyday this week.

I do have a prayer request. My Mama, got so lab results back and her blood sugar is high and her cholesterol. She was all told that she needs to be tested for Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis. So please pray for my Mama!

In Christ Love,



Michelle said...

Dang girl, you should have gone just a tiny bit further and visited this Hoosier Girl.

I'm fascinated with the Amish culture. I also love to quilt and every Labor Day down in Cannelburg they have an Amish quilt auction. It is the coolest thing to see even if you can't buy a quilt. Do you read Beverly Lewis? LOVE HER. Her books are set in Amish communities. Totally awesome. A kid I went to school with a guy who crossed over to Amish to marry a girl her met. I'm dying to go visit him.

We are preparing to move to a farm and I am lookign forward to planting a garden and canning. I agree with your thoughts, they do have the right priorities, I think...I however, have seen some chubby Amish, so I don't feel too bad!!!lol/

Anonymous said...

Will be praying for your mamma. Please keep me updated!!
My Dad goes tommorow to get the results of the body scan.

Denise said...

Sweetie, your momma will be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

She is is my prayers.

my husband and I need to check out Amish country in Indiana! We've just been to the Arcola area in Illinois.

Have a great day!

Rebecca Jo said...

The Amish life style amazes me... shows how spoiled we are!

And yes, will pray for your mama! Hope everything turns out alright!

Tammy said...

I'll pray for her. Hi from the SITStahood.

Aubrey said...

I remember driving through Amish country during a vacation through Michigan. I though it was so neat and beautiful! Simple life...wonderful!

Your mama will be in my thoughts and prayers!

Mrs4444 said...

I'll definitely pray for your mom :)

Please pray for Kori's daughter, Hannah, who was sexually assaulted by a family friend and will soon be testifying in court.

My cousin in Mennonite. I do admire their life in some respects. They are not the healthiest folks, though. Have you seen any of their recipes?! I have about 20 of them in a family cookbook I published last summer; AWESOME stuff! :)

Alicia said... exciting to have been able to visit Amish country. You're right, they probably feel sorry for all of us!!!

And I will be praying for your mom, my friend!!

Mimi said...

I'll pray for your mother.

Thanks for stopping by my blog & helping to make my SITS day special!