Monday, May 25, 2009

New Ohio Roller Coaster, Ride It If you Dare!!! :)

I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day! The weekend here in Chicagoland was beautiful. We had the kids at our house and on Saturday my Mama and my 2 nieces came to visit and they spent the night. We had a BBQ yesterday.
I missed a couple to post that I do regularly. My Friday fragments and Saturday 6. I have been having computer trouble for a few days. Our Internet connection has been acting up. Believe me, this caused quite a few issues with the kids this weekend. They can't live without technology. I told them when I was a kid, we had a TV that got 3 channels and no cell phones, computers, or xbox360. They were horrified. Yep, we had to use our wonderful imaginations, in those days. What fun we had too. But that's for another post.
My friend Cindy, sent me this cute email, about this new roller coaster in Ohio. I love riding roller coasters, but I don't think I will be trying this one anytime soon.
New Ohio Roller Coaster
The Last Picture Says it All!!

I think that about says it all!!

I hope ya'll enjoy your holiday, and for those of you who serve our country, thank you for all you do.
In Christ Love,


Anonymous said...

Oh that looks scary but fun!!

Denise said...

Way too scary for me.

Michelle said...

I would totally love riding that Mom sent me the same email. My sister got sick just looking at the pics...hehe.

I know what you mean about techno. I didn't have any of those things when I was a kid either. I'm only 33 and I remember only having a black and white TV bc we were poor.

Glad you are back.. I sent you some linky love, maybe you'll get some newbies!!

Michelle said...

PS- I just think this is funny, my word to verify was huffles....LOL

Rebecca Jo said...

I think my pants would look like that... & have a litle more in the back! ooohhh!

Anonymous said...

Oh My looks more like a military training excersize. I would proabably have a heart attack and black out for sure. You wouldnt catch me on that.!!!

Sarah Dawn said...

No thank you maam! My life has enough adventure as it is being a wife and mommy of two little guys on the mission field. And Renee, you are exactly right, you are a missionary. Everyone is called to share the hope of Christ in their backyard, it's just God made my backyard Costa Rica.

Besitos (little kisses) from this missionary mommy,
Sarah Dawn