Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

Yesterday I spent the afternoon, putting away all the HHalloween decorations and getting out the Thanksgiving decorations. I try to be so organized with our decorations, other wise, I have a huge jumble of stuff, and it becomes a big mess. I like to be able to go into our crawl space under the stairs (I can actually stand up straight under there) and go to exactly what I want. I hate having to dig through unmarked boxes and tangles of lights, etc.

I am constantly searching thrift shops for decorations. I do this year 'round and I actually find quite a few good deals. This Pilgrim family, I found at the Good Will for .99 cents. It had a store sticker on the bottom of it that said 59.99. I grabbed that deal right up.


glenna said...

Glad to have met you thru SITS!
We will be eating our Thanksgiving meal in Benndale MS this year. Where in MS are you from?

Rebecca Jo said...


And such cute little pilgrims!

You're good... I just keep Halloween out for Thanksgiving... I give a story of how the pilgrims came to Haunted houses when they traveled on the spooky Mayflower! :)

Alicia said...

Hi Renee!!! How are you?? How are all the kids????

I love the great finds on your decorations! I need to go to the thrift stores too to find some great deals!!

I hope all is well on your end!!!

Michelle said...

i cant see the picture. I never have good luck at thrift stores.

Michelle Hoad said...

Stopping by from Sits!

I don't really decorate for Halloween, just fall stuff. That way I can leave it out until Thanksgiving afternoon. Then it gets packed up and out comes the Christmas decorations.

singedwingangel said...

Those pilgrims are too adorable.. see you need to come to KY and we can go yard saling and thrift storing.. I LOVELOVELOVE finding a deal