Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bowling, Bowling, Bowling......

Yesterday Hubby and I spent the afternoon attending to issues with Niko. We, along with his other set of parents (Mom & Step Dad) met with his teachers, regarding his IEP/504 for school. As you know Niko has some issues that he is currently working on in therapy. Please click on the label at the top of the post and you should be able to read additional post re: Niko.

All went well at the meeting, he is now in 6th grade and the teachers at the 6th grade school, seem to be taking our concerns much more seriously. That is an answered prayer! How I want this bright, beautiful child to be able to reach his full potential in life. It seems all parents are getting on the same page regarding this matter too.
Anyway, afterwards we picked Niko up from school and we went bowling. What a fun way to spend a few afternoon hours together. We all had another appt. later that evening with his therapist. Niko is so engaging and he enjoyed getting instruction on the "proper" way to bowl from his daddy.
At the meeting with the therapist, she referred Niko to get a full psychological evaluation, to determine exactly what his needs are, so that he can get the full benefit of all services offered through the school district. Also, family counseling was again highly recommended for all 4 parents, and all of Niko's siblings, so that everyone can be on board for Niko and his behavior.

This is also an answered prayer. Thanks so much for those prayers. Please continue to pray that we "all" will grow and make sure that Niko gets all he deserves in life.
We had such a blast bowling together. We laughed and joked with each other. It was a good time.


singedwingangel said...

glad that everyone is finally together in one accord for Niko... wish our school system could have done the same but they wouldn't

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very happy all seems to be moving in the right direction! Enjoy your weekend!