Thursday, November 12, 2009

Adding Up the Cost.....Is It Worth It?

A few weeks ago I did a post about our wonderful new puppy "Handy". You can read about him (the post is titled "nothings to trivial for God) And I think I mentioned in another post about the computer cord he ate.

So let's see, what else.....Well, we had to purchase not one, but TWO new cords for the laptop which ran about $100 a piece. Then we finally ended up purchasing a new desktop computer. So that was well...NOT Cheap.

Next we have a chewed up cord that we haven't figured out what it goes to yet. It could be interesting when we finally do figure it out. We just have a piece of cord, chewed in half. Soooo I'm thinking this................

One Chewed up computer cord $100.00

Another Chewed up computer cord $100.00

One new desktop computer approx $400.00
But the love of Unconditional love of Puppy......PRICELESS

So in closing I would say, that while it maybe somewhat aggravating to deal with these puppy behaviors, YES it is worth it. But we are going to be attending puppy behavior classes. Of course that is another cost. lol!


Designs by Jessie said...

I so hear you on this. We have a lab puppy and he was chewing up everything left and right.

Here are some things that we did to fix it.

We set mouse traps near all of the cords in the house (tv mess, under computer desk, on the stairs) they won't injur him, just startle him enough. We still have the mouse traps, but they are not set all he has to do is see them now.

We got our dog a soft mesh muzzle. he can drink with it on, its not tight. but when he goes for one of the kids toys, or the trash or counter.. he gets the muzzle.

also.. apple bitter spray. we spray that on the couch bottoms, and socks (our dog loves socks) and shoes. no more chewing of that.

good luck!

Just Breathe said...

They are always worth it. I am a bit of a freak when it comes to the protection of my dog. I always put their safety around my house as #1 priority. So I pretty much baby (puppy) proof my house like there is a toddler coming over.
My Skye who is 10 months old can't come near a cord or anything that might have the chance of hurting her. I know of too many puppies that have been fried! We are happy that she hasn't been into shoes!!!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Our puppy is now one-and-a-half...there are a lot of negatives with a puppy...I am glad the phase is over for us...We have a hole in our new carpet the size of my feet-a women's size 6- because of her....She was NOT worth that!!!:)

Erin M. said...

That face totally negates whatever you had to spend on new cords. He is such a cutie! This phase won't last forever. Be patient. But I know it's hard....

Karen said...

Such a sweet little face! I don't know if I could handle a puppy because of all the chewing and stuff, but they sure are adorable!

Thank you so much for visiting last week on my SITS day!

angelina la dawn said...

i have two kitties so i know about all those hidden costs! and our newest kitten chews things up like a puppy (definitely didn't sign up for that one!)and our other kitty dumped a cup of water all over our mac keyboard (which is not cheap to replace either) and it's always worth it :)