Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a Great Movie!!

Don'tcha hate it when critics say a movies not very good? You may have wanted to see it, but hey, they are the critics right? They should know what a good movie is. Duhhh.....I doubt they really know. I mean look at the movies that win the awards. It seems like half the time, I haven't even heard of the Oscar winner!

Over the weekend Hubby along with Amber and Jacky, watched the newest Will Smith movie, Seven Pounds. I admit it was a little confusing at first, but IT WAS SO GOOD!! The girls both cried at the end. (Because it was sooo sweet, not because it was bad) I love Will Smith. He usually has such good clean movies. I didn't notice any bad language. No nudity. A very nice movie.

So if you have a Red Box close to you, you can rent Seven Pounds for $1.00. Or go to Block Buster or wherever you rent movies from. I recommend it. Again the story line is confusing at first, but it is a very moving movie.

Friday it's suppose to be a rainy day and Hubby and I are both off work. I think we might take in a matinee, I have been dying to go see State of Play. It starrs Russell Crowe and Ben Alfeck. Seems like a good Suspense movie.

I hope everyone has a great night. And I just have to say, Wash your hands! Don't get the FLU!! :)

In Christ,


joanofalltrades said...

Seven Pounds was a good movie, but I hated the ending and cried through half the movie. Gotta love big Willie though. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Hey Renee,
I had wondered about that movie...thanks for the recommendation.
I've got a 'green' award for you at my place. The code is at the very bottom of the post...

Denise said...

Sounds great sweetie.

Alicia said...

Oh...Renee...I rented that movie a few weeks ago, and I had no idea what it was about. I was confused in the beginning too, and then it started to make sense! I totally cried also!!!!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

That's what I heard... that its great, but you have to wait until the end to really appreciate it

Mrs4444 said...

Will Smith is such a class act. Thanks for the recommendation. BTW, I'm linking to you for FF tomorrow!!

Mommy Cracked said...

I've always admired Will Smith's ability to become wildly successful without having to stoop to the ugly side of fame. Sounds like a great movie.

Brittany said...

I'm so glad you liked it!
My cousin told me that I HAD to see it, so I went and bought it (Hello? why did I do that? I swear Wal-Mart sucks me in like the pull of the tide).

Anyway... I am anxious to see it now!