Sunday, April 5, 2009

Secret Keeper Girl and The Steve Fee Band!!!

This weekend was an awesome weekend at our church. Friday night we had the Secret Keeper Girl Fashion Show and then last night we were surprised at the worship service, to have the Steve Fee band!

As you know we go to church on Saturday nights. Our church has 3 services, and that is the one we choose to attend. We attend Harvest Bible Chapel and it is pretty awesome. It's a big church though and we are just now starting to feel comfortable.

Friday night I had tickets to go to the Secret Keeper Girl Fashion Show. I had tickets for myself, bio-mom, my 2 s-daughters & their half-sis, and my 2 nieces. I figured it could be an opportunity for all of us to bond with one another and it would be a step in blending the family. (I guess I was wrong) I had spoken to bio-mom about this event several times and even gave her an info sheet from our church. I thought all was well. Guess what, No phone call, no nothing, just a no show. But GOD is ultimately in control of this entire situation and me and my nieces had an awesome time! God uses everything to HIS Glory. I know this. I praise God for His wisdom and compassion in every situation.

I have this little booklet that I got at our church book store. Freedom Through Forgiveness. By James MacDonald. (He's our Pastor) I have to pull it out from time to time and read it. It is so worn, (I've had to read it a lot) It's very on point with how we need to have forgiveness in our hearts. God forgives us and we MUST forgive others if we are to live fully in God's Will. It goes on to say that forgiveness isn't a feeling, it's an action, a choice, an act of will! It's a great little booklet and here's the link if you would like to pick one up. Walk in the word is our pastor's ministry. I can not allow someone else's hang ups, or the fruits of the injustice I may feel to destroy my joy that I feel in the LORD.

These are the fruits of unforgiveness:


"Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and evil speaking be put away from you with all malice" Ephesians 4:31
So even though I or you may fill hurt from time to time or for some on a daily basis from past hurts from our childhoods or whatever, We are commanded to forgive. And with forgiveness comes forgetting. This is the really hard part. I ask God almost daily to take away from me a thought that pops up in my head regarding a past hurt. satan, loves for us to be in discord with one another, doesn't he.

I know some of you may not be believers in Christ Jesus, but as we enter into this Holy Week, celebrating Christ death and resurrection, KNOW this, HE wants to forgive us for all of our sins. Every little thing you can think of that you do, that you may think, "God can never forgive me for this" YES He can!!! All you have to do is invite Him into your heart and ask Him to forgive you of all your sins. Please know that once you do this, you aren't going to miraculously be perfect, (After all, we are all human) We will sin every day, we will hurt those we love, we will fail, but how wonderful to know that Jesus still loves us and will forgive us, if we just ask! He really makes it so simple. I will be happy to talk to you further about this is you wish. Just let me know.

Wow, that little bit certainly took a direction I didn't foresee. Isn't God awesome. He can turn anything into good. I mean anything!!!!

And as I mentioned we had the Steve Fee band in concert at church last night. They were amazing. I have a clip here you can get a little sample of them. The song is It's all because of Jesus Hope you enjoy it. Just click on the link here. I can't get the video embeded in my blog. Sorry! Amber usually helps me with this computer stuff and well, she's not here.

I want to start something new this week. Starting today I will do God Answers Prayer Sundays. I saw this on a wonderful blog I love to visit Lions, Tigers, and Boys, Oh My! and I love it. I want to become a stronger prayer warrior and I want to pray for you. God calls us to pray for one another and lift each other up to Him.

Please leave me your prayer request. I hope you all have an awesome week! I love hearing from you, so please leave a comment.

In Christ Love, Renee


Alicia said...

Hi Renee! Sounds like you had a busy weekend too! That book sounds great, btw!! And you're right..God can use any situation for His glory!

Shirley said...

Hi Renee, Thanks for visiting. I love visitors who leave comments. Glad you enjoyed my blog. I've just been browsing on yours and I like it too. That does sound like a good book. I plan on coming back again.

Blessings to you.

zum the mum said...

Now how fun is this blog world? Thanks for visiting mine, and I'm so happy to find yours!

Did you know I'm a southern girl too? I was born in Jackson, Mississippi...but we live in Oklahoma. Okies like to pretend they're southern, but...not so much! We love them anyway!

Please pray that I will be bold in my faith this week, and that God will put those in my path that I can invite to our church for Easter.

Thanks so much, and nice to "meet" you! :)

Holly said...

Hi, Southern Gal Renne! Fashion show... I haven't been to one in years. Sounds fun! In case you didn't see it, I left you a reply on my blog about geographical locations. ☺ Have a happy Monday and have fun watching HIS will happen before your very eyes! ♥

Rebecca Jo said...

WOW... I totally needed to read this today... I have such an issue of feeling like God can forgive everyone for anything, except me....

Thank you for these words today!

Terri T said...

fashion show....ahhhhhh. music to my ears. I like my MAC at work. BUT and its a BIG but, its difficult to do certain things with- photos for instance cannot be downloaded from my new camera without special software. Files from other workers cannot be downloaded due to incompatibility issues. I guess its something with everything!

Michelle said...

Thanks for visiting and I'm so---what's the word--inspired by your profile story. What a change and what faith you have gleams through your posts...I'll be stalking-I mean following you now. Have a good week!

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

What a beautiful post on forgiveness!! so much food for thought!! Thank you for sharing.
Thank you for your sweet visit.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I am so glad to see you like and are continuing "God Answers Prayer Sundays". It keeps me in the Word daily, and it has kept me praying more for others, than just myself.
What a great post today-I needed to hear that on Unforgiveness. So thanks-God gave me a little "kick in the bum" from you, and it was needed.
Love to you today!

Denise said...

Sounds like a great weekend.