Friday, February 20, 2009

Life is what we make it!

As I mentioned the other day, Niko has challenges. Every Thursday night we attend counseling for Niko, along with his Mom and Step-dad. Last night was no exception. Phillip and I picked Niko up after school and we took him out to eat dinner. Phillip has decided that he needs to spend more one on one time with Niko and I encourage that. Niko's step-dad doesn't spend much quality time with him.

We went to eat at a Chicago type fast food restaurant. They serve, Chicago style hot dogs,(which I love) and pizza puffs, (which I love also) and hamburgers, chicken wings, things like that. These places are unique to the Chicago area. I haven't seen them any place else. Anyway, Niko was being Niko, and he put his chicken wings and french fries in his coke, and then fished them out and ate them. He does strange things like this from time to time and it drives Phil crazy. I used to be bothered by it as well, until I realized that it is all apart of PDD. Now I have a much different perspective, on how one should behave. I realize that Niko is never going to act the way I, or anyone else wants him to, and we have to readjust our thinking on what is proper behavior and what's not. I saw the frustration on Phillips face, while Niko was doing all this. Later, I was talking with Phil and I told him, we have to pick our battles, just as every parent does, but with Niko, we have to also adjust our preconceived ideas on what normal behavior is.

We got to the counselors office and was told that they were running behind and we would have an additional 30 minute delay. Oh boy, that didn't set well with Niko, he has his own little agenda in his head, even though most of the time we aren't subject to it. He started acting out. Between, Phillip, his Mom and myself, we managed to keep the situation under control somewhat. But once we were in the therapist office, all bets were off and Niko totally broke down. At least the therapist witnessed this behavior and now knew exactly what we deal with.

The purpose of going to the therapist is to equip Niko with the tools he needs to learn to cope in a world that isn't' on the same page as he is. I know it's going to be good for all of us, as the parents, as well. Please pray for Niko's Mom and Step-dad, that they will learn to deal with the day to day trials that come their way, regarding Niko. We are also going to be referred to sibling therapy, for Niko's sisters. That way, they can learn a new normal as well.

When God brought Phillip and his children into my life, I never thought that I would be called to be this special child's main advocate. His struggles to deal with the changes that his little world was bringing him, virtually went unnoticed by all around him, until after Phil and I were married and I settled into family life in the Esparza household. I knew something was off, but couldn't figure out what. With the help of God and a excellent pediatrician and child psychiatrist, we were finally able to break through with Niko and open up the world. Then, all of life changed and Niko went to live with his Mom. Phil and I had the up hill battle of making sure that she followed up on Niko's care. Once again, God answered our prayers and with the help of Niko's school, we finally got Niko back into therapy and a child psychiatrist. God has great things in store for that little boy, I just know it.

This week as you go about your daily routines, just remember that GOD loves you! And he has a special plan for EACH of us. We just have to seek him out and discover what that is.

"He who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it"

Philippians 1:6

This is such a powerful verse. I often read it when I get bogged down in life and think how can God even bother with me sometimes. But He never quits, He never gives up, He is always faithful! How wonderful is that?


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