Friday, January 6, 2012

Please pray for Harrison

Wow, life takes some interesting twist and turns doesn't it. About a week ago it took one such interesting twist, for my dear friend Charla and her family. Her 15 year old son Harrison was taken to the doctor for leg pain. Charla said he had been intermittently having leg pains, for a short while, and they had been treating it at home, but finally when it started hurting and keeping him from driving, (he has his learners permit and is always wanting to drive) they grew concerned and went to the doctor.

Cancer, what a scary scary word. I can only imagine how it would sound to a parent. Harrison, was suspected of having bone cancer and a ct would confirm. They were referred to an oncologist and today he had a bone biopsy. It's still not one 100% confirmed on the type of bone cancer, but Ewing's is ruled out.

This family is rooted strongly in Christ, but they still need our prayers. Prayer for peace and that the anxiety that comes in the middle of the night will be held at bay. God has got this, but I know that we as human's, will often let our minds go to places that satan tries to take us. Pray for healing.

Please note that any discrepancies in the events above are strictly mine. Please grab this button of Harrison and post it on your blog. Just save the imagine to your picture file then upload it in the side bar of your blog.

Thanks so much,


Michelle said...

Will be praying Renee...

Blue Cotton Memory said...

Thanks for stopping by - Praying, also. Stop by PJ's Prayer Line and let her know: She has a gift for intercession:)

PJ said...

Hey Renee! Just to let you know, Harrison's button is up and running on my blog and I have posted a prayer for him on my prayer line. If you would like to check it out, just go to my blog and click on the prayer line tab. It is the first prayer after my personal one.

God Bless,

Chelsea said...

Wow! So sad. Praying for their family. Nice meeting you in blogland!