Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh To Be a Kid Again!!

I can remember being a little girl and being soooo excited about Christmas and Santa Claus coming that on Christmas Eve I would have a fluttery stomach and could hardly go to sleep.

My sister and I got a Lite Brite for Christmas the year I was 7. I was over the moon for this toy. We played with that thing all day Christmas Day. I think my Mama got tired of vacuuming up lite brite pegs though.

I think back and remember some other of my favorite Christmas gifts.
Barbie was wonderful. She is still today. I got this one doll "Tuesday Taylor" you could turn the top of her head around and change the color of her hair from brown to blonde. How fun is that?

What are some of your favorite toys you received for Christmas?

Hears hopeing you have a wonderful Christmas Season. Remember Jesus Is The Reason for The Season.


Rebecca Jo said...

That's awesome!!! I loved my Lite Brite too!!!! My nieces now play with it.. nothing like the original that would get so dang hot you'd think it was going to catch on fire!! :)

Sarah Wyland said...

I also loved my lite bright - so fun! My sister and maybe my brother are getting one from Christmas this year. They had one when they were smaller and it was a disaster. Mom thinks they're big enough to try again though.

One of my favorite gifts was a sleigh from my grandparents. It was one of the old fashioned ones with the metal runners. My dad still has it tucked away in his shop. A more recent favorite? Definitely my iPod.

Becca said...

OMG I loved my Lite Brite also! I also got a horse-y when I was about 4...I played on that thing for years!

Mommy Cracked said...

Lite Brite and Barbie...two of my very favorite things growing up!

Mama Michie (aka Michaela) said...

Oh I loved Lite Brite too! Barbie never goes out of style for little girls - my sister and I would play with our for hours and hours.